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To complement the new American College of Surgeons website, ACS launched a modernized visual identity system for our brand, which expresses the College’s heritage, mission and values ​​in a contemporary and clear style. The new design creates an instantly recognizable and distinctive look for the College, while establishing a unified style and design process for all AEC programs.

The logo

The ACS logo is designed around three main elements:

  • The initials, which reflect the traditional Roman capitals used in the 1915 ACS seal
  • The Slash Mark, which organizes the design, and represents the precision of the surgeon
  • The full name, which is presented in modern yet timeless sans serif capitals

Brand colors

The new ACS brand colors – a primary palette of deep blues, bright reds and cooler gray blues – have been chosen to present a classic and contemporary palette that reflects the College’s motto, To heal everything with skill and confidence.

Authorized use

ACS logos, marks and colors may only be used by authorized personnel and vendors with the permission of the ACS Corporate Communications Division.

For authorized personnel and vendors, assets and style guides are available on the ACS Intranet.

If you have questions about correct usage, permissions, or design issues, please contact the Integrated Communications Creative Group.

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