Want to know how “vegan” each state is? Watch the results of the 2020 US presidential election [2021 Study]

Our latest research on veganism in America has revealed a surprising link between politics and how welcoming individual states are to veganism.

Our research team was collecting data from all 50 states to come up with a definitive list of the most vegan states of 2021. And we started noticing that the states with the most interest in going vegan and the availability of vegan restaurants seemed to be Democratic states. . .

In fact, only one state from the top 7 list went to Trump in the last presidential election.

But it becomes even more surprising when you look at the full list of states.

Here is the complete list of the 50 states in order:

How did we rate each state?

Our research approach focused on four indicators (Vegan population per capita, number of vegan restaurants, number of vegan Meetup groups and number of animal welfare groups) that we measured for each state, and with that complete data set, we could then rank all 50 states.

And then we checked whether each state was red or blue in the last election.

Result of the 2020 presidential election

We looked at a map of the United States with the results of the 2020 presidential election, and it became abundantly clear that a state’s political orientation is a strong predictor of its “vegan” character.

It correlates so well that the top 9 states all voted for Biden, while the bottom 20 states all voted for Trump with one exception.

The 7 Best Vegan States in America


Fast facts:

The main determining factor for Nevada to get the top ranking is the very strong growth in search traffic among the local population. And once we added a fourth place ranking for the number of vegan dining options, we got data that puts Nevada slightly ahead of California.

2. Oregon

Fast facts:

Oregon has a strong top 3 ranking for search volume, but it was third place in the vegan restaurant rankings that propelled it to second place overall.

The one area where there seems to be the most opportunity for rankings is in organized dating groups.

3. Hawaii

Fast facts:

The data point that stands out the most for Hawaii is restaurant density. It seems that locals and people vacationing on the islands have a high demand for vegan dining experiences.

Combined with fourth place for the number of people using vegan search terms, the data supported a strong overall ranking.

4. California

Fast facts:

With slightly lower search volume and number of vegan restaurants per 1 million population than Hawaii, California still ranks very high with an upward trend in both data sets.

It’s also a state that has a lot to offer vegans who want to expand their circle of vegan friends through organized meetup groups.

5. New Jersey

Fast facts:

What stands out most about New Jersey is that despite being ranked #14 for local search trends, it is the highest-ranked state for vegan restaurant selection.

With 29 vegan restaurant choices per 1 million population, New Jersey is well ahead of Hawaii with 19 restaurants.

6. New York

Fast facts:

One thing we noticed during our research is that NYC has the highest density of vegan restaurants. However, this density does not continue statewide.

Strong global search trends have supported a top 10 for NY, and there are many active dating groups to find more like-minded people.


Fast facts:

Maryland ranked in the top 10 due to good search trends and restaurant selection. It stands out on this list, especially considering the small population size.

We’ve also found it to be one of the best places to get involved with meeting groups and animal rights activists.

Are you ready to make your state more vegan?

As we enter the new year, it’s time to get proactive about making healthy changes to a diet. And the worst thing you can do is wake up on January 1 with the ambition to go vegan and not know where to start.

Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat voter, or aren’t interested in politics at all, going vegan is all about making the decision to be and live a healthier life.

And if you’re interested in seeing if next year’s midterm elections provide us with the same predictive results, then pay attention to our planned research immediately after those results are released.

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