The city has programmed more than $500 million of its $827 million ARPA funds; launches a new website detailing the status of each initiative

The city has programmed more than $500 million of its $827 million ARPA funds; launches a new website detailing the status of each initiative

  • Over 60% of City ARPA-funded initiatives are implemented or in the process of final approval prior to implementation
  • City seeks to establish transparency standards on ARPA spending with launch of comprehensive website at
  • Residents can track the status of 81 ARPA initiatives, find employment and contracting opportunities

The City of Detroit has completed programming and begun implementation of programs representing $530 million of the $827 million awarded under the federal America Rescue Plan Act. To provide the public with full transparency of its programs and progress, the city launched its new ARPA website,

City administration department officials moved quickly to design approved programs, conduct compliance reviews, and implement more than 80 individual initiatives in 15 spending categories approved by City Council in late June 2021. The city has until on December 31, 2024, to commit its ARPA funds.

Programs already implemented include the Skills for Life job training program, the Renew Detroit Home Repair program, a basement flood protection program, Community Health Corps funding, foreclosure prevention awareness, and funding the renovation of the historic Lee Plaza which will be used as affordable housing for Detroiters. Dozens of other initiatives for beautifying and investing in neighborhoods, expanding Internet access for residents, improving public safety and more are currently being reviewed. final review before implementation.

Detroiters can stay current, participate in APRA investment

To keep Detroit residents fully informed of the progress of this historic investment in the city and its people, Detroit’s robust new American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) website, titled “How ARPA Funds are spent,” is now online at The site is designed to provide up-to-date information on all things ARPA, including detailed spending in the appropriate 15 categories, ARPA job opportunities, featured ARPA programs, and unique impact stories. on Detroiters and Neighborhoods.

“We started with the most comprehensive community engagement process of any city to develop our spending priorities and now we’re going to be the most transparent city in terms of how we spend that money and the status of each initiative,” Mayor Duggan said. “There is a tremendous opportunity being created to benefit the people of Detroit in many ways and this website can be a roadmap to finding it.”

Additionally, Detroit’s ARPA website is a #TakePart component where residents can find information about community meetings, job opportunities, and can sign up to receive special alerts. To expand opportunities for Detroit businesses, the site shares vendor details, including approved and pending ARPA contracts, and information on how to register as a vendor, as well as a portal to the latest bidding opportunities with the city. Also added are important documents such as the quarterly report to the US Treasury.

In June 2021, the City Council appropriated the $826.7 million in ARPA funds in conjunction with the Duggan administration and in conjunction with community priorities for use in the 15 categories. Some of the appropriate areas are neighborhood beautification, parks, recreation and culture, public safety, intergenerational poverty, the digital divide, and small businesses.

Launched ARPA programs include:

  • $2.4 Million Basement Relief Protection Pilot Project (February 2022) New Program to Prevent Residential Basement Flooding
  • Announcement of $7 million for Lee Plaza (February 2022) Restoration of historic city asset to increase affordable housing options for seniors
  • $15 Million Community Health Corps Expansion (November 2021) Major expansion of support and social services for eligible Detroiters in need across the city
  • $75 million skills for life (November 2021) Paid job training, GED completion, and skills development for Detroiters while working to beautify the city
  • $30 million to renew Detroit (October) Roof repairs for thousands of eligible homeowners who are seniors or disabled of any age

Upcoming ARPA programs (partial list):

  • Neighborhood Beautification Grants (Spring 2022)
  • Remediation of the burn (Spring 2022)
  • ACE Arts Alley Initiative (Spring 2022) (Spring/Summer 2022 Community Engagement)
  • Learn how to earn expansion (Spring 2022)
  • Leisure centers (Spring/Summer 2022)
  • Detroit Fire Department Scale 30 Installation (Spring 2022)
  • Joe Louis Greenway (Spring )
  • Neighborhood signs (Fall 2022)
  • Shot Spotter Police Department Expansion (Summer 2022)

The new ARPA website will be updated weekly.

Sample website images below;

website photo 2website photo 3

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