Swiss man seizes Royal Baby website address


A Swiss businessman registered the royal baby’s name as a website address even before it was announced to the public, local media reported on Thursday.

Luc-André Biggs recorded on Wednesday morning, just hours before the announcement of the child’s prince’s name, after consulting a list of possible combinations used by bookmakers in Britain, Swiss weekly Handelszeitung reported.

Biggs, 32, has made a living guessing which website addresses will become popular before selling them to customers.

By registering the name of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son George Alexander Louis two days after his birth on July 22, the former real estate agent adds another address to the 600 he already owns.

Biggs’ company, Key Domains, has used the same tactic for the past seven years from its base in Portugal. George, a name shared by six English kings, was clearly the favorite during feverish speculation about the prince’s name, as it pays homage to Queen Elizabeth II’s beloved father, King George VI, who reigned from 1936 until upon his death in 1952.

James, Alexander, Richard and Louis were also the first among those who put money on the prince’s name in Britain.


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