St. Louis Blues players don tropical pre-game fashions ahead of cold Winter Classic against Minnesota Wild

The St. Louis Blues face the Minnesota Wild on Saturday night in the Winter Classic, the NHL’s annual New Years game played away from home. Target Field, typically the home of the Minnesota Twins, is where both teams will play.

According to the Weather Channel website, Saturday’s high in Minneapolis is negative -5 degrees. With the wind chill, it feels like minus -21 degrees, according to the site. And it gets colder and colder as the night goes on. If temperatures drop to minus -7 degrees, it would be the coldest NHL outdoor game on record, according to ESPN Stats & Information research.

So when sub-zero temperatures collide with the legendary toughness of hockey players, you get exceptional pre-game outfit worn by Blues players. There are plenty of Hawaiian shirts, short shorts, flip flops, and even a few bare chests.

One gamer wore socks with sandals, which is a fashion faux pas in all weather. Blues defenseman Justin Faulk donned warmer clothes for a pre-game interview, but kept the flip flops on.

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