Special teams to take action against signal violators

Islamabad: The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has decided to speed up its efforts to enforce traffic laws and take strict action against those involved in violating red signals.

Following the instructions of SSP (Traffic) Syed Mustafa Tanveer, ITP decided to assign tasks to the Traffic Congestion Unit to strictly tackle those jumping the red signals while additional squads would be formed for this purpose.

Following instructions from the IGP, Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, he said a special campaign was underway to verify violations while various squads carried out duties on the main roads of the city and took action against violators. .

SSP (Traffic) Syed Mustafa Tanveer said efforts are underway to ensure a disciplinary traffic system in the city and he also called on citizens to follow the rules. He said ITP staff were instructed to ensure the implementation of traffic rules and regulations regardless of status and rank, and to be patient and polite when issuing fines for road users.

He said that the ITP uses all available resources to facilitate the general public. The force issues traffic tickets, not as a punitive measure, but with the aim of ensuring a safe road environment in the capital and securing people’s lives.

The SSP (Traffic) also led the education component to sensitize road users on the rules of the road. He also asked FM 92.4 radio to broadcast special programs in this regard.

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