South Carolina state leaders announce ‘one-stop’ childhood development plan and website

YORK COUNTY, SC (WBTV) – The South Carolina Early Childhood Advisory Board is trying to make sure it’s not hard for families to find resources for their growing children.

A new website will tackle the challenges facing parents. First Steps South Carolina and members of the state’s Early Childhood Advisory Council say a new website makes getting resources a one-stop shop.

A 24/7 portal will connect families to resources and information on childcare, health, special needs and early intervention, and more. There will also be a form parents can fill out to connect to more than 40 different services through federally and state-funded programs.

The Early Childhood Advisory Council says it is also currently working to take this service forward, developing an online application through which families can actually request several early childhood services by simply filling out a form. It is also trying to add even more resources to the website for parents to use.

“We all know that when we invest in young children, in their health and safety, in their families and the communities in which they live, and in the environments in which they learn, we can have an exceptional impact, today. and into the future,” said David Morley, Chair of SC’s Early Years Advisory Council.

The plan, developed from a survey completed by parents and guardians, addresses the challenges young students and their families face while working to overcome the challenges.

It addresses both the educational side like kindergarten and childcare and the family basics like meeting needs during pregnancy so babies can grow up healthier and happier. State leaders say they linked the plan to the one-stop website.

“We will continue collaboration between agencies to make a difference in the lives of children. So that all children in South Carolina have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

State leaders specifically want to hit South Carolina’s youngest to improve children’s health, well-being and school readiness. This would be from birth to five years old.

They do this through four goals: keeping young children happy and healthy, supporting their families, getting them ready for school, and making sure the system in place to help is exactly what families need.

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