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Valley County has sent letters to nearly 4,300 people saying their personal information recorded in the county has been inadvertently made public for more than a year due to a software glitch.

There is no evidence that an attempt was made to abuse personal information, Valley County Clerk Doug Miller said.

The records were available on an online search tool published on the county’s website between January 2020 and April 2021.

To access the documents, people could search by name or document number to access saved public documents for free instead of coming to the office in person, Miller said.

Securities companies and banks were the most frequent users when searching for deeds and other documents related to the house, he said.

The search tool has been used about 25,000 times, Miller said.

The documents that could be viewed on the site were believed not to contain personal information or to have personal information blacked out.

There is a feature on the software that allows personal information to be noted and redacted, but an error in the software removed blackouts when posting documents.

The personal information that was revealed included names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and information on marriage and death certificates, Miller said.

The documents available on the site were the ones that needed to be officially registered, Miller said.

They included affidavits of marriage, death certificates, certificates of discharge or discharge from active military service, mortgage documents, deeds and privileges, Miller said.

Documents and official copies are recorded at the county clerk’s office to keep a permanent record. Files registered in the Registrar’s office dating back to 1997 were accessible through the portal.

The problem was discovered when an employee showing someone how to find documents on the portal noticed that the information was not withheld, Miller said.

Valley County has sent 4,291 notices and is working to find the addresses of others affected, he said.

– Max Silverson, The Star-News, (McCall), Thursday

Mitigation of fuels, improved resilience of the planned project near Elk City

Public comment will soon be open on planning for a proposed forest service project near Elk City, designed to improve the resilience of forests to insect and disease infestations and reduce dangerous fuels for wildfires.

Under the direction of Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, the Red Seigel Forest Management Project is located approximately eight miles southeast of Elk City in the Red River Ranger District. According to the agency, the actions resulting from the proposed project would improve the safety of firefighters and the public in the project area, and the wood products harvested as a result of these forest management actions would support local economies.

The project would be screened under the Healthy Forest Restoration Act for insect and disease infestations. By law, no more than 3,000 acres of the total project area of ​​approximately 47,000 acres would be under active treatment activities.

The proposal under development contains silvicultural treatments that include even-aged regeneration methods on up to 2,726 acres. The proposed even-aged regeneration activities would have the potential to create 20 openings of over 40 acres, ranging from 41 to 448 acres and totaling 2,179 acres. According to the agency, these proposed openings include several even-aged regeneration methods with varying levels of tree retention, creating a complex and variable landscape that is more resistant to insect infestations, disease and forest fires.

In addition to the conservation of seed trees and individual shelters, reserve trees would be conserved with an emphasis on large trees, snags, seeps and other unique structural or habitat features.

The Forest Service will soon be holding a formal scoping period to solicit public comment on the Red Seigel project. Comments can be submitted by email to [email protected] Include “Red Siegel” in the subject line and include your name and contact details.

– The Clearwater Progress, (Kamiah), Thursday

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