Readers rank their 10 best stories of the year

From December 14 to 21, the News Tribune asked readers to vote for Jefferson City’s 10 best stories in 2021 out of 27 options chosen by News Tribune staff.

By voting via social media, readers chose these stories as their top choice:

1. St. Mary’s Announces No Longer For Sale: After more than three years of speculation and public uncertainty, SSM Health announced in October that it was not going to sell St. Mary’s Hospital in Jefferson City.

2. Bicentennial Bridge: Construction on the $ 4.9 million bridge began in February and will officially open on Monday, December 20.

3. Missouri Celebrates Bicentennial with Speeches, Songs, and Federal Stamp Dedication: Missouri kicked off its bicentennial celebrations in August with a formal commemoration ceremony on the steps of the State Capitol.

4. Advances Made on Capitol Avenue: Five East Capitol Avenue properties acquired for the purpose of combating the scourge in the area and sold to developers are making visible progress in their rehabilitation. The homes are part of new that the Jefferson City Housing Authority has acquired through a prominent estate since 2019 as part of the East Capitol Avenue Urban Renewal Project.

5. Capitol Renovations Completed: Renovation and restoration work on the Capitol was completed in February.

6. Lincoln University Police Academy Begins: LU Police Academy started in January and graduated in June.

7. Quatavia Givens Charged With First Degree Murder In Darnell Gray Death: In August, new evidence suggested that the 2018 death of a 4-year-old boy was a deliberate act and warranted the filing of murder charges in first degree against the child’s guardian, the Cole County District Attorney said.

8. Second Anniversary of May 23 Tornado: May 2021 marked the second anniversary of the tornado that ravaged parts of Cole and Miller counties and caused severe damage to homes and businesses in Jefferson City. Two years later, memories were still fresh for those who stood in his way. For some, the signs of damage to their neighborhoods are a daily reminder.

9. Missouri’s freeway death toll could peak in 15 years: Nearly 800 people died on Missouri freeways in October, making it the deadliest year for traffic accidents in October. 15 years old.

10. 9/11 Survivor Tells Students to Prepare for Opportunities: In September, Lt. Joe Torrillo came to Jefferson City on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to tell students about the events of that day. The retired New York Firefighter was the last firefighter to be found alive in the rubble of the World Trade Center.

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