Rank higher on Google by leveraging 4 cornerstones of in-app marketing

Google makes substantial changes to its search algorithms several times a year. The most recent was the helpful content update in August. According to Google, the update will “guarantee people more original and useful content written by people, for people, in search results.”

While these Major Google Updates are supposed to improve search quality, they can also devastate your website rankings. So how can accounting firms continue to rank in searches despite Google’s ongoing algorithm updates?

Leveraging a “integrated marketing communications“offers resilience and success when it comes to bringing customers to the top of Google search rankings, even in the midst of continuous algorithm changes. The strategy is based on balancing the four media pillars of integrated marketing communications: (1) owned media, (2) earned media, (3) paid media, and (4) shared media.

This article provides an overview of IMC’s four media cornerstones and how best to use them.

What is BMI and how does it improve Google rankings?

Integrated marketing communications combine multiple marketing techniques and media channels into a cohesive, multi-pronged strategy. The cornerstones of this strategy include the four types of media – owned, earned, paid and shared.

By publishing media across all of these channels, IMC campaigns reach the largest and widest range of potential accounting clients. They also reach influencers that these accounting clients respond to organically. More importantly, they skyrocket marketing effectiveness while reducing costs.

When mainstream media, internet blogs, and internet influencers start referring to your content as a primary source of truth (and when people spend time on your website and share its content), Google perceives your website as providing “useful content”. This supports the increase in the ranking of your content and websites in Google searches.

4 Cornerstones of Integrated Marketing Communications

Let’s take a detailed look at the four cornerstones of an IMC strategy so you can ensure that your content marketing efforts rest firmly on the four pillars:

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