PM for rapid measures to reduce traffic pressure in the capital

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday called for stronger measures, including the construction of ring roads around the capital to cope with additional traffic pressure following the opening of the Padma Bridge.

If most transport – to or from the bridge – passes through the capital, it would lead to traffic congestion in and around Dhaka, she said as she chaired the weekly cabinet meeting virtually from her official Ganabhaban residence.

“The Prime Minister has directed relevant authorities to expedite the measures already underway to control the traffic pressure on Dhaka city after the opening of Padma Bridge,” Cabinet Secretary Khandker Anwarul Islam said during a briefing. a press briefing after the meeting at the secretariat.

He said the Prime Minister had called for the rapid implementation of the strategic transport plan, including the construction of ring roads around the capital so that not all need to pass through the already busy areas of Dhaka city. to use the Padma Bridge.

Cabinet members and secretaries of relevant ministries joined the virtual meeting from the secretariat.

Speaking on a thanksgiving proposal for the Padma Bridge which was opened to traffic on June 26, Sheikh Hasina expressed her gratitude to the peasants for supporting her in building the long-awaited mega structure on the mighty Padma river.

All credit goes to the people of Bangladesh for building the bridge, she said.

The prime minister argued that the construction of such a complex bridge was a success thanks to good governance, according to the cabinet secretary.

Anwarul maintained that a feasibility study has already been done and the implementation of the projects will start soon to ease the traffic in the city.

He said the cabinet meeting had given final approval to the Family Court Bill, 2022, subject to the approval of the Ministry of Justice to replace the Family Court Ordinance of 1985, which was a proclamation of martial law and that all such laws were overturned by High Search.

The only change proposed here is that the district judge or any judge of the same rank at the district level would be the court of appeal instead of the district judge only to deal with cases under the law, the cabinet secretary mentioned .

He said the cabinet also approved a proposal to sign an agreement with Brazil on visa waiver for holders of diplomatic and official passports.

Experts have already expressed concern that with the opening of the Padma Bridge, traffic congestion in Dhaka will worsen due to the lack of proper initiative and planning to handle the additional transport pressure after the opening of the bridge. Padma bridge.

Ring roads around the capital should have been developed during the construction of the bridge to accommodate the additional traffic movements in the capital, they said.

The Padma Bridge aims to improve communication between Dhaka and 21 southwestern districts, but urban transport system experts say traffic jams in and around Dhaka may occur, which is an obstacle to achieving the objective in the current situation.

The revised transport strategic plan for 2015 to 2035 approved in August 2016 planned to separate intra-capital traffic flow from inter-district traffic through the construction of a 73 km inner ring road, a 108 km median ring road and a 129 km outer ring road passing through the flood zones of the capital.

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