No More Waiting Lists Canadian Website Achieves Record Traffic

An innovative organization abolishing the waiting game in attracts more web traffic than ever before in January 2022.

TORONTO, February 17, 2022 /CNW/ – After just over a year of operation, is now seeing impressive web traffic numbers, with January hitting an all-time high for total visits. The repercussions of COVID-19 have a major role to play, as the Canadian healthcare system is more strained than ever, resulting in an extreme lack of access for many.

“No More Wait Lists (NMWL) is dedicated to my father, who struggled to find the timely care he needed,” says the founder of No More Wait Lists, Josephine Marchese. “I am committed to changing the notion of ‘waiting lists’ of Canadians in the sense that we all deserve to have access to the services we need. Waiting three months, six months, 18 months has become the norm, but it shouldn’t be. because there are companies that To do have availability, you just need to find them. That’s what No More Wait Lists does.”

The site acts as a directory and connection point between searching consumers and the businesses currently available to serve them. There are mobile accessibility apps and 15 categories, including medical clinics, chiropractors, daycare centers, mental health services, senior care, and natural practitioners. Both individuals and businesses use the site free of charge and appointments are made directly online.

“Hardly researching the services we need is already a daunting task,” says Marchese, “but NMWL greatly reduces that time spent by offering a range of options in each category, filled with open appointment times to be filled. Consumers get an appointment quickly and businesses get fair access to new customers in a timely manner. »

January’s web traffic spike demonstrates a clear need and further indicates that as COVID begins to dissipate again, it’s time for a change.

About No More Wait Lists (NMWL)
No More Wait Lists is a family business owned by Josephine Marchese and grew in memory of his father, who suffered needlessly from heart disease for years because he simply could not access the timely care he needed. Designed to reduce long waiting lists that do nothing to serve Canadians, the NMWL fills appointment openings quickly and seamlessly to improve service accessibility now and in the future.

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For further information: Josephine Marchese, (647) 648-7622, [email protected]

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