Namibia Telecommunications, Mobile Phone and Broadband Market Statistics and Analysis Report 2022 –

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Namibian MTC makes progress in network expansion Under its 2019 National Broadband Policy, the government aimed to achieve 95% coverage of the population by 2024, providing service of at least 2 Mb/s. The policy has rolling targets through 2029, while the associated implementation action plan includes programs through 2024.

These various measures aim to reduce the digital divide by facilitating investment in IP services and encouraging the adoption of services. Mobile network coverage has increased significantly in recent years. At the start of 2021, 3G infrastructure provided coverage of 89% of the population while LTE infrastructure provided 79% coverage (compared to only 40% a year earlier).

Developments with 5G have been delayed by unfounded public concerns about the technology’s health implications, despite the government asking the regulator to accelerate its 5G development strategy. The increase in mobile broadband subscribers seen since 2018 has been partly attributed to MTC’s 081Every1 campaign, which aims to provide nationwide coverage and improve data speeds on its 3G and LTE networks.

Phase 1 of the project was completed in June 2020, while Phase 2 was essentially complete by early 2022. Phase 3 is expected to be completed by September 2022.

The work undertaken by MTC contributed to the 8.5% increase in the number of mobile broadband subscribers in the year to June 2021, reaching 1.877 million. The regulator noted that the industry’s continued growth has also been supported by the popularity of internet-enabled prepaid SIM cards over PC and laptop usage.

Main topics covered:

Key statistics

Africa Regional Market Comparison

  • Market characteristics

  • Market Leaders

  • Market challengers

  • Market emerging

  • Tmi Vs GDP

  • Mobile and Mobile Broadband Penetration

  • Fixed and mobile broadband penetration

Country overview

Covid-19 and its impact on the telecommunications sector

  • Economic considerations and responses

  • The subscribers

  • Infrastructure

Telecommunications market

Regulatory environment

  • Regulatory authorities

  • Fixed Developments

  • Mobile network developments

Mobile market

  • Market analysis

  • Mobile statistics

  • Mobile infrastructure

  • Other infrastructure developments

  • Mobile data

  • mobile broadband

  • Main mobile operators

  • Content and mobile apps

Fixed broadband market

  • Introduction and statistical overview

  • Broadband statistics

  • Fixed broadband technologies

Digital Economy

Fixed network operator

Telecommunications infrastructure

  • National fiber optic networks

  • Next Generation Network (Ngn)

  • International infrastructure

  • Smart cities

Appendix Historical data

Companies cited

  • Telecom Namibia

  • Mobile telecommunications (MTC)

  • Cell 1 (Leo, Orascom)

  • Powercom

  • MTN Business Namibia

  • MWEB Namibia

  • Africa Online Namibia

  • Internet Technologies Namibia

  • iWay

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