Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Orders Blocking of 20 Anti-Indian YouTube Channels, Two Websites – The New Indian Express

Through PTI

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said on Tuesday in a “closely coordinated” effort with intelligence agencies, that it had ordered the blocking of 20 YouTube channels and two websites while they were broadcasting anti-Indian propaganda and fake news.

On Monday, the ministry issued two orders, one ordering the video-sharing platform YouTube to block all 20 channels and the other to block news sites.

“The channels and websites belong to a coordinated disinformation network operating from Pakistan and disseminating false information on various sensitive topics related to India,” the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said in a statement on Tuesday. .

The channels have been used to post “content that divides in a coordinated fashion on topics such as Kashmir, Indian military, minority communities in India, Ram Mandir, General Bipin Rawat, etc.,” he said. he declares.

The modus operandi of the anti-Indian disinformation campaign involved the Naya Pakistan Group (NPG), operating out of Pakistan, which has a network of YouTube channels, and other stand-alone YouTube channels unrelated to NPG, according to the communicated.

“As part of a closely coordinated effort between intelligence agencies and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the ministry on Monday ordered the blocking of 20 channels on YouTube and two websites disseminating anti-propaganda. Indian and fake news on the Internet, ”he said.

Through two separate orders, “one for 20 YouTube channels running YouTube and the other for two news websites, asking the telecommunications department to direct ISPs to block news channels / portals “, says the press release.

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