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Posted on June 27, 2022

This report is published every day of the week, except on public holidays. The information contained in each report covers significant criminal incidents usually from the day before; reports published on Monday cover the preceding Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some incidents may appear a day or two after the event. This report is not a complete listing of all police occurrences in Arlington County in the time period indicated. The addresses given indicate blocks and not specific addresses. For more information on crime in your area, visit our online crime mapping tool.

Note: The information in the Daily Crime Report is generally based on initial reports made to the police department. Follow-up surveys may reveal different or additional information. All persons arrested or charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court and the charges can be changed during the legal process. For more information on the status of the case, visit the Virginia Court System website.


MALICIOUS INJURIES, 2022-06250237, 1300 block of S. Eads Street. At around 11:04 p.m. on June 25, police were dispatched to report a fight. Upon arrival, it was determined that a fight ensued between a large group of juvenile subjects, during which the victim was struck with an unknown object, causing a laceration. As the police arrived, the group members fled the scene in different directions. The victim was transported to an area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. The investigation is ongoing.

FLIGHT, 2022-06260023, block 4400 of Cherry Hill Road. At approximately 1:17 a.m. on June 25, police were dispatched to report an assault. Upon arrival, it was determined that the juvenile victim and the known juvenile suspect were involved in an ongoing argument, during which the suspect, who was accompanied by approximately five to eight unknown suspects, assaulted the victim. During the assault, the suspects stole the victim’s mobile phone and personal items before fleeing in a white vehicle. The investigation is ongoing.

DISCHARGE OF A FIREARMS, 2022-06260152, 1200 block of N. Garfield St. At approximately 5:56 p.m. on June 26, police were dispatched to report a firearm discharge. Upon arrival, it was determined that while the subject was cleaning his firearm, it discharged and hit the ceiling of his apartment, causing damage. No injuries or additional material damage were reported. The investigation is ongoing.

BURGLAR (late), 2022-06240041, block 3600 of Columbia Pike. At approximately 7:09 a.m. on June 24, police were dispatched to a late report of a break and enter. Upon arrival, it was determined at approximately 3:25 a.m. that an unknown male suspect broke into a business and stole an undisclosed amount of cash and destroyed electronic devices. The suspect is described as a male of unknown race wearing a light colored jacket, light colored ski goggles, gloves, jeans and sneakers. The investigation is ongoing.

BURGLAR (Late)2022-06240048, 3600 block of 24e Road S. At approximately 8:00 a.m. on June 24, police were dispatched to a late report of a break and enter. Upon arrival, it was determined that at approximately 4:51 a.m., four unknown suspects entered the victim’s vehicle and stole personal items, including clothing, a wallet, and keys to the victim’s residence. The suspects then used the keys to enter the occupied residence, searched through items and stole a box containing a household appliance before fleeing. The suspects are described as all wearing dark colored clothing and ski masks. The investigation is ongoing.

ILLEGAL ENTRY, 2022-06240003, 500 block of 23rd S. St. At approximately 12:18 a.m. on June 24, police responded to a report of property destruction. Upon arrival, it was determined that the suspect had entered the business earlier in the evening and returned to pick up some property he may have forgotten. Employees informed the suspect that they could not locate the property and the suspect left. He returned soon after and claimed his property again. The suspect then broke a sliding glass door and entered the business. As soon as they entered, the employees informed the suspect that they would call the police. The suspect fled the scene on foot and a survey of the area by responders returned negative results. The suspect is described as a tall Hispanic male in his 30s, wearing a dark green shirt, dark denim pants and a black backpack. The investigation is ongoing.

ILLEGAL ENTRY, 2022-06250208, 1500 block of N. Pierce St. At around 9:30 p.m. on June 25, police were dispatched to report a burglary in progress. Arriving officers observed four male suspects attempting to enter the vacant building, who fled the scene on foot upon seeing police. A perimeter was established and officers conducted a search of the area with negative results. The four suspects are described as male, between the ages of 16 and 19. The investigation is ongoing.

INTRUSION, 2022-06230046 Block 1300 Wilson Boulevard

BLOWS AND WOUNDS, 2022-06230115 Block 1000 N. Glebe Road

INTRUSION, 2022-06230140 Block 800 N. Glebe Road

ESTABLISHMENT LIFTING, 2022-06230155 Block 1200 S. Hayes St.

STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERED, 202206230164 S. Four Mile Run Drive to S. George Mason Drive

STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERED, 2022-06240031 Columbia Pike Block 2400

BLOWS AND WOUNDS, 2022-06240076 Block 2100 S. Pollard Street

BLOWS AND WOUNDS, 2022-06240092 Block 1100 S. Hayes St.

FLIGHT, 2022-06240121 Block 1200 S. Hayes St.

AUTO THEFT, 2022-06240130, 3000 block of 12e Streets.

GRAFFITI, 2022-06240133, block 800 of S. Walter Reed Drive

BLOWS AND WOUNDS, 2022-06250045, 3200 block of Washington Boulevard

STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERED, 2022-06250095 Block 100 N. Thomas St.

BLOWS AND WOUNDS, 2022-06250103, 4000 block of 5e N road.

FLIGHT, 2022-06250104 1800 Block S. Eads Street

RECOVERED SOTLEN VEHICLE, 2022-06250115 Block 3300 N. Ablemarle St.

BLOWS AND WOUNDS, 2022-06250124 Block 200 N. Thomas St.

ESTABLISHMENT LIFTING, 2022-06250125 Block 1000 S. Hayes St.

BLOWS AND WOUNDS, 2022-06250144, Spout Run Parkway to Lorcom Lane

LIFTING IN THE WORKSHOP, 2022-06250195 Block 1100 S. Hayes St.

ELUDANT, 2022-06250200 Columbia Pike Block 5500

ELUDANT, 2022-06250207 Columbia Pike block 5500

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-06260016 Block 4400 Wilson Blvd

STOLEN VEHICLE RECOVERED, 2022-06260022, 500 block of 23rd Streets.

FLIGHT, 2022-06260049 S. Adams St. at Columbia Pike

FLIGHT, 2022-06260095, 3600 block of Fairfax Drive

ESTABLISHMENT LIFTING, 2022-06260112 Block 1200 S. Fern St.

FLIGHT, 2022-06260118 2700 Block Richmond Hwy

ESTABLISHMENT LIFTING, 2022-06260132 Block 1100 S. Hayes St.

FLIGHT, 2022-06260137 2400 Block N. Harrison St.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-06260139 Block 1400 N. Courthouse Road

GRAFFITI, 2022-06260167 Fort Myer Drive to Arlington Boulevard

BLOWS AND WOUNDS, 2022-06260187 2200 Block S. Clark Street


06/24/2022, MD 9EW4060, Ford Taurus 2017, Gray
Block 900 of N. Stafford Street

06/25/2022, VA VST9243, 2014 BMW i3, Silver
Block 6000 of 9th Road N.

06/25/2022, PA LNA4392, Kia Forte 2021, White
Wilson Boulevard to N. Taylor Street

25/06/2022, VA VER7870, Honda Accord 2008, Silver
Block 3900 of Wilson Boulevard

26/06/2022, VA VZZ1831, 2018 Toyota Rav4, Gray
1700 Block of S. Taylor Street

2022-06-26, VA 21212HM, 2000 Toyota Solora, Silver
2300 Block of S. Eads Street

06/26/2022, VA URM1907, Toyota Camry 2019, Black
1500 block of 28e Streets.


AUTO THEFT, 2022-06244007 Block 2200 S. Monroe St.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-06244009 5000 Block Little Falls Road

FLIGHT, 2022-06244017 Block 1300 S. Joyce St.

AUTO THEFT, 2022-06244018 Block 100 S. Buchanan St.

FLIGHT, 2022-06244020, 5100 block of 8e Roads.

FLIGHT, 2022-06244021 Block 1100 S. Hayes St.

IDENTITY THEFT, 2022-06244022, 2900 block of 22n/a Streets.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-06254002 Block 800 of S. Walter Reed Drive

FRAUD, 2022-06254003, 5600 block of Langston Blvd.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, 2022-06254004, 2200 block of Fairfax Drive

FLIGHT, 2022-06254005 Block 2000 Wilson Blvd.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-06254006 1800 block Richmond Hwy

FLIGHT, 2022-06254007 Block 4100 N. Glebe Road

AUTO THEFT, 2022-06254009, 2000 block of N. Kensington St.

FRAUD, 2022-06254010 Block 1100 S. Hayes St.

FLIGHT, 2022-06254011, 1500 block Arlington Blvd.

TRAFFICATION OF THE VEHICLE, 2022-06254013, 4700 block of Rock Spring Road

FLIGHT, 2022-06254014 1200 Block S. Ross Street

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, 2022-06254015 1600 Block S. Eads Street

FLIGHT, 2022-06254016 Block 1100 S. Hayes St.

FLIGHT, 2022-06254017 600 Block N. Quincy St.

FLIGHT, 2022-06254018 2600 Block N. Rockingham St.

FRAUD, 2022-06254019 Block 1500 N. Glebe Road

FLIGHT, 2022-06254020 Block 2500 N. Glebe Road

FRAUD, 2022-06254021, block 2200 Clarendon Blvd.

FLIGHT, 2022-06254022, 3400 block of Fairfax Drive

FLIGHT, 2022-06254023, 400 block of Rock Spring Road

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-06254024 1100 Block N. Stafford Street

FLIGHT, 2022-06264001 Crystal Drive Block 1300

FLIGHT, 2022-06264003 Block 2800 Potomac Avenue

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY, 2022-06264007 Block 1700 N. Troy St.

AUTO THEFT, 2022-06264008 Block 1300 S. Thomas St.

TRAFFICATION OF THE VEHICLE, 2022-06264009, 5000 block of 25e N Street.

FLIGHT, 2022-06264010, 4700 block of 21st N road.

FLIGHT, 2022-06264011, 500 block of 12e Streets.

SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, 2022-06264012, 3400 block of S. Utah Street

FRAUD, 2022-06264013 1000 Block N. Utah St.

TRAFFICATION OF THE VEHICLE, 2022-06264014, 5100 block of 16e N Street.

FLIGHT, 2022-06254015 Block 1100 S. Thomas St.

AUTO THEFT, 2022-06264016 Block 1100 S. Thomas St.

FLIGHT, 2022-06264017, 6600 block of 29e N Street.

FLIGHT, 2022-06264018 Block 3100 Wilson Blvd

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