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Want to know more about Europe’s progress with the European Green Deal? Access our interactive visualization tool for statistics on reduce our climate impact, protect our planet and our health and enable a green and just transition.

The tool presents an overview of 26 indicators for the EU, Member States and EFTA countries. Multiple features are available to adapt the interactive visualization to your needs and interests:

  • Customize your country selection and length of time series to display
  • Choose between interactive line or bar graphs
  • View indicators using different units of measure or breakdown
  • Access the underlying source datasets in the Eurostat database using the links under each visualization
  • Share the tool or custom interactive graphics on social media

The visualization is updated automatically when new or revised data becomes available in the Eurostat database, thus always showing the most up-to-date situation. The tool was recently updated with data on more hazardous pesticide use and years of life lost due to PM2.5 exposure.

Discover now our interactive visualization tool:

This news is published on the occasion of EU Green Week (30 May – 5 June).

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