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Every year or so, a new headline comes out that says something like, “If your business doesn’t go [insert buzzy tech word here], you are wasting your marketing budget. First there was social media, then podcasts, then (dun dun dunnnn) content.

“Content” is one of those words that has been used so much that it has lost all meaning. Over the past decade, companies have invested millions of dollars in producing blogs, posts, and articles to fill their websites with content, all in the hope that it would rank them better in Google search. .

We have bad news. Or, in fact, Eli Schwartz has bad news. He is the author of a new book on search engine optimization called Product-based SEO: the rationale behind building your organic growth strategy that kinda throws a wrench into the content strategies of days gone by. Justin Kan, co-founder of streaming company Twitch (have you ever heard of it?), Says, “Eli is SEO master. His ideas have changed the game for the companies I have created and in which I have invested. If you want to understand how to drive growth with SEO, you have to learn from Eli.

The bad news? You are going to want to completely change your SEO strategy after reading this book.

The good news? It can actually start to work.

Who is Eli Schwartz and why is he messing up my marketing strategy?

In a world filled with countless thought leaders and speakers, it can be difficult to know who to trust. Many businesses suffer from a scenario of too many strategists in the kitchen, with industry white papers plunging their marketing teams into a state of paralysis. In that sense, Eli Schwartz is a breath of fresh air.

He is a true SEO expert and industry outsider, approaching search differently than most. Prior to writing this book, he led the SEO team at SurveyMonkey and advised on the growth of brands like Zendesk, Shutterstock, and Quora. Like many of us, he fell victim to too many keyword clouds (more on that later) and became enraged with the misuse of the search strategy. For all this content, shouldn’t there be more sales? Did this question just spark your fight or flight after years of failed lifestyle blogging? Good. Keep reading.

In part, because no one else had, Schwartz literally wrote the book on How to Rethink Research. We’re so happy he did because it is such a game-changer. Whether you’re a marketer for a struggling brand, a small business owner trying to climb the ladder, or an SEO professional looking to find a new tip, Product-driven SEO is a must read.

Find this essential book here.

Mentorship-based strategy

Schwartz’s time at SurveyMonkey was instrumental in the writing of this book. He dedicated it to Dave Goldberg, the late CEO and businessman to whom Schwartz credits a mentorship that changed his life and guided the rest of his career.

Sheryl Sandberg, wife of Goldberg and COO of Facebook, shared her support for the book and some positive affirmation words in an article:

“A few years ago Eli wrote to me about how Dave’s mentorship had helped him achieve some of his biggest career goals. Now, in a new book, he shares the expertise he has gained during his professional journey. “Product Based SEO: The Why of Building Your Organic Growth Strategy” is dedicated to Dave and it means so much to me that Eli extends Dave’s legacy by teaching and supporting others. “

Courtesy of Sheryl Sandberg / Facebook

We spend so much time at work. It really means the world when someone can take us under their wing, guide us and ask the right questions. In many ways, Eli Schwartz extended that mentorship and sewn it throughout the book.

Product-oriented SEO: a new way of thinking

What does product-oriented SEO mean and how could it actually help your business? Let’s get into it.

Schwartz borrows the term from Silicon Valley. “Product driven” is a sort of mantra around these parts. It’s the theory that the best products in the world don’t really need a lot of publicity. So, rather than becoming glitzy, teams focus on developing the most efficient and useful technology possible. They relentlessly innovate, based on what people (like you and me) really want, you know. Imagine that.

Product oriented SEO applies the same thinking to search strategy. Common wisdom tells us to find as many search keywords related to our products as possible and to muddle our site with them. We blog on blogs filled to the brim with these keywords and hope that while people are visiting our sites they are also considering buying something.

Schwartz’s proposal? Stop messing around. Your site should focus on what makes your product great, not how to fold a fitted sheet or 13 ways to get over your ex. Sure, those pieces of fluff might get you some traffic, but do any of them actually convert into sales? This is what we thought.

Change the way you think with Product oriented SEO.

Stop playing google play

If you’ve ever found your way into Google search results because they are full of ads, disjointed blog posts, or nothing relevant to what you were looking for, you have been the victim of a marketing strategy. SEO.

By prioritizing beating Google in its own game, brands have lost the original plot. Marketing is about communicating your brand’s purpose: how it helps people, how it fits into their lives, and how it’s available right now, at a special price.

If you have sitting on the other side and moaning on a results page so why would you do it for your own brand? Eli Schwartz’s point of view on this is clear and pleasantly easy to understand. In short, it tells you to Listen to your user and develop products that effectively solve their problems. Most importantly, it advocates that your site and the SEO you use to promote it should tell people what they really want to know.

People aren’t algorithms, and it’s high time we started talking to them that way.

What Can Product-Based SEO Do For Your Business?

We cannot reveal all the secrets of the book, that would not be fair. So follow our advice. Read it, try something new, and watch your business transform. This is what Monica Ohara, CMO of advocates:

“Eli’s new approach to SEO helps demystify the black box of organic search. This book is a must read for anyone interested in learning how to take advantage of this growth channel.

Pretty convincing, right?

Let’s get into what you can learn from Product-driven SEO and what it can offer your business, whether you’re a fish in a sea of ​​consultants or someone wearing multiple hats.

Learn to understand the how of SEO

Forget the number of characters, forget the titles, Forget key words. Ok, actually, you might want to keep some information, but first of all, Product-driven SEO offers a new standard for how we understand research.

More important than what we do, according to Schwartz, is how we do it. In these pages, you’ll find a fuller, easier-to-understand explanation of the many nuances of research-based marketing. It will totally change the way you look at Google.

Acquire a toolbox of new techniques

It’s not just a wrap-up book, however. Schwartz isn’t afraid to be technical and to the point, outlining a plethora of strategies and approaches so you can leave the last page feeling ready to start implementing the change. He is a true guide who puts the power in your hands.

Start generating sales the way you want

No guarantees, but it’s hard not to see how Schwartz’s style of research experimentation and user-centric SEO can help improve the business as a whole. Schwartz has consulted for brands of all kinds and generated tangible income through his blend of logic and creativity.

Research is inexact science, and Schwartz is the first to say so. What he advocates is a more open feedback loop – more dialogue with the user and more adaptation to better meet their needs. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Perhaps this will sound better coming from more of Eli Schwartz’s many admirers, who hail the book for its timeliness and unique utility:

  • “SEO is so much more complex than just focusing on keywords and has evolved dramatically over the years. This book leads the way in how to really manage SEO. – Luc Levesque, Vice President of Growth, Shopify
  • “Without a strategic approach to SEO, you are leaving opportunities for growth on the table. Product-driven SEO will allow you to marry your acquisition efforts with your ultimate income goals. – Casey Winters, Product Manager, Eventbrite
  • “Well done! Thank you very much for sharing with us your hard-earned knowledge on how to drive long-term, scalable SEO results. This book is what all marketers responsible for digital growth need to understand in order to clearly communicate the ‘Why’, not just the ‘how’, behind SEO strategies to boost leadership buy-in. ” – Christi Olson, Director of Research, Microsoft

If Microsoft’s chief research officer tells you that there is information in this book, you need to understand, you should probably take her at her word.

Get a Copy of Product Based SEO Today

Ready to learn? You can buy Product-driven SEO by Eli Schwartz today on Amazon. It is available in hardcover, paperback, and e-book. You’re welcome.

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