How to view your top songs, artists, stats, and share your playlist


Spotify has finally released its highly anticipated list of songs and artists loved by music lovers around the world in 2021. The Spotify Wrapped 2021 has unveiled the names of artists and songs from all genres, countries and languages ​​that have been successful. total among listeners on the Swedish audio streaming platform. To check your personalized playlist, here are the steps you need to follow.

How to watch your Spotify Wrapped 2021

  • Open your Spotify app.

  • Tap the “Your 2021 Wrapped” banner that appears on the screen to access the playlist. The playlist can also be viewed by simply searching for “Wrapped” in the search bar.

  • By clicking on the banner, listeners can view their playlist and personalized statistics.

  • The app also allowed listeners to share their playlist with their friends or subscribers by sharing the same on social media by clicking the “Share this story” button.

  • Spotify has also added a feature to share Wrapped Cards on many social media platforms.

Learn more about Spotify Wrapped 2021

This year marks the third edition of Spotify’s wrap as they release users’ listening habits in the year 2021. The feature also allows the listener to get a glimpse of how many artists they have he listened, his most played song of the year. , and others throughout the year. This allows users to experience most artists and music in all genres, countries and languages.

Some of the listings published by Spotify Wrapped 2021 were Most Streamed Artist, Most Streamed Song, Top 10 Most Streamed Albums in India and more. Popular artists like BTS, Dua Lipa, Olivia Rodrigo, BTS and many more have reigned over the international charts.

Here is a list of the new features introduced by Spotify:

  • Data stories – Users will be able to view their lists encapsulated in the stories format. They will also see new data stories and be able to see their best artists, albums, songs and podcasts in a systematic way.
  • Audio aura – Based on the two main musical moods of users, the music streaming platform will visualize their “audio aura”.
  • 2021: The Movie – Users will be able to watch a movie of their best songs and artists with the new feature.
  • Playing Cards – Spotify has also introduced a game in its new feature, which will display statements about a user’s listening choices in 2021, and they have to guess which are right and wrong.
  • Exclusive Creators Video – Top fans will be able to enjoy some exclusive experiences as they will now receive a message from their top artist thanking them.

Image: Spotify


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