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Dead in broad daylight‘s Trapper was the first killer added to the game and has since become one of the most iconic horror icons in modern gaming. However, playing trapper can be difficult, even for experienced killers. His ability has an extremely high skill cap, which means a player’s skill can really pay off when playing this particular killer. Experienced Survivors also know how to avoid most traps, which often makes it difficult to use his abilities effectively.

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That said, it’s not impossible to play The Trapper well. Top players can hide their traps and make good use of their killer ability throughout each trial to win. Learning how to play The Trapper well will make it easier for players to get survivors into their traps and ultimately easier to get subsequent downs. Dead in broad daylight.

Trap Windows And Pallets

DBD trapped window

The trapper doesn’t have any extra abilities while chasing like some other killers, so trapping loops is crucial to winning the game. Pyramid Head may be able to knock players through walls, but The Trapper has to rely on his traps at all times unless he’s able to win the chase with his basic attack, a feat not usually not viable against high rank survivors.

Players must trap pallets and windows, then hunt survivors in areas with traps. If the trapper is lucky, players won’t notice the traps and fall straight into them; otherwise, the survivor will be forced to avoid windows and pallets, often resulting in a hit for the killer anyway.

The trapper can also place traps during a chase to close off certain areas; for example, he can place a trap on one side of a pallet during the chase, forcing the survivor to run away from the pallet to a dangerous area or fall into the trap. Placing traps takes some time, however, so Slayers must be strategic about when and where they place them during a chase. Placing a trap at the wrong time or in a place that doesn’t pinch the Survivor can give them time to put some distance between themselves and the killer.

Traps high traffic locations

DBD Trapper

Even the most experienced Survivors aren’t able to predict all potential trap locations, so trapping high-traffic locations around the map is crucial, even areas without strong loops. Players must be careful to hide their traps as well as possible, when it makes sense. Some of these locations may be in patches of grass that Survivors will run towards to complete a generator, or in tight corners that Survivors will run to when the Killer chases them. Doorways and the bottom of stairwells are also smart places. Basically, the trapper should hide his traps and place them in places where survivors are sure to run.

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Survivors can expect traps in front of a hook, so trapping hooks is generally not a good idea, except against already struggling survivors. That said, Survivors can even miss a seemingly obvious trap in the middle of the map if placed well. Trapping high traffic locations can cause players to fall into traps when the killer needs them most. Players should therefore experiment with the locations that best hide their traps and reap the best results.

Use powerful add-ons

Trapper DBD Extension

The Trapper isn’t one of the strongest killers on its own, but add-ons can help its ability grow stronger in a chase and otherwise. Some of The Trapper’s common add-ons benefit new players; for example, Makeshift Wrap prevents the trapper from entering their own bear traps. For experienced players and beginners alike, The Trapper’s Ultra Rare add-ons are a good choice, helping him hurt survivors and making his traps deadlier. Players can mix and match The Trapper add-ons to suit their playstyle and skill level.

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The following add-ons are some of the best in The Trapper and well worth trying out:

  • iridescent stone – Every 30 seconds, a randomly selected disarmed bear trap is reset and armed.
  • bloody coil – When a trap is sabotaged or disarmed by a healthy survivor, bloody coils demand their price and that survivor becomes injured.
  • Whetstone – Survivors caught in a bear trap, who break free, are struck dead.
  • Trapper bag – All Bear Traps are transported at the start of the trial instead of spawning in the Proving Grounds. The Trapper is unable to pick up Bear Traps once placed.

Use advantages that compensate for your weaknesses

DBD Corrupt Intervention Generator

The Trapper suffers from some common weaknesses that only have a basic attack; he has very little map pressure most of the time and he is not able to regress generators effectively. He also has a weak early game, as he needs time to set up his traps around the map. The trapper’s strength is to trap a corner of the map and put the survivors in difficult situations; forcing them to fall into a trap. So, kScavengers playing The Trapper should equip perks that make up for their lack of map pressure.

Corrupted Intervention, one of The Plague’s perks, blocks three generators at the start of the trial, helping players boost their early game when they’re otherwise at their weakest. Because The Trapper is great at trapping sections of the map, Corrupt Intervention is even stronger on him. Hex: Ruin is also a good choice, as it causes heavy generator regression when survivors aren’t working on generators, and doesn’t require the trapper to manually launch a generator while active.

Dead in broad daylight is available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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