How This Hardware and Rental Store Increases Leads With a Cohesive Online Marketing Strategy

Working with NMR, this True Value Hardware store has increased foot traffic, Google search rankings, and sales while freeing up its management team for other tasks.

Honestly, NMR has made my life a lot easier. I know my business is supported every day.

—Mara Kirby-Garcia

ONTARIO, OREGON, USA, January 31, 2022 / — About the client

Kinney Bros. & Keele True Value Hardware is a family-owned hardware store with a history dating back almost a century. Founded in 1926 in Ontario, Oregon, the company now offers traditional items such as plumbing, electrical and paint, while offering rental services for products such as outdoor equipment and items festive. The store has an area of ​​22,500 square feet, which allows them to offer various products. Their customers say, “If you can’t find it at Kinney & Keele, you just won’t find it.

Business challenges

The sheer volume of business generated by the retail and rental business required the full attention and care of the property and management. As a result, staying current with social media and the company’s web presence was often overlooked. As a result, critically important customer service practices, such as responding to customers’ online queries or updating their Facebook page, could sometimes go unresolved.

“I realize the huge role social media plays in our business, but as hard as I tried to maintain it, I just didn’t have the time,” co-owner Mara Kirby-Garcia said. . “We have a large store with a variety of products. It was difficult to manage the employees, help our customers, and then wonder if I had thought about updating our social media platforms or checking our ranking in Google for important search terms.”

Beyond social media challenges, the company has found it difficult to maintain the online catalog of its in-store products. It was too demanding to put together the images, write the descriptions and everything that goes into building and maintaining an online catalog.

Kinney Bros. & Keele True Value Hardware also needed a web presence suitable for the rental arm of the business. These specific requirements are different from a pure retail website, so making sure it was functional and would rank well in Google searches was a priority.


After consulting New Media Retailer (NMR), Kinney Bros. & Keele True Value Hardware decided that NMR would maintain its social media presence and create and maintain its rental website. Representatives from NMR sat down with Mara and her team and put together a plan that would help Kinney Bros. & Keele to achieve their goals.

“I was hoping to keep our social media up to date with fresh content,” Mara said. “And I didn’t know how to manage and create a rental catalog. I just needed to find a way to get those items off my daily plate and make my life easier.”

The complete solution allowed NMR to manage their website (retail and rental), digital advertising campaigns and social media. They ensure that a consistent posting strategy is maintained and that reviews, posts and comments are monitored.


After NMR implemented the multi-faceted solution, it quickly became apparent that social media and local SEO services had the most significant impact on Kinney Bros.’ business. & Keele. The new monthly content calendar keeps their subscribers engaged with industry-related news and tips, fun interactive posts, and updates on specials and in-store events. Meanwhile, the online rental catalog helps the store rank high in Google for key search terms and generate leads for the business.

“Our campaigns not only brought in more business, but they allowed me to pitch more items to different people in different genres,” Mara said.

The company has also seen a huge jump in its search engine rankings, especially with Google. Higher Google rankings increased sales, foot traffic, and calls to the store. For Mara, the benefits go beyond sales statistics.

“It really helped my stress level,” she said. “The last few years have been very stressful with product shortages and fewer employees. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to worry about my social media campaigns running smoothly.”

Mara cites this peace of mind as the most important benefit of their NMR collaboration.

Honestly, NMR has made my life a lot easier. I know my business is supported every day.”


Kinney Bros. & Keele True Value Hardware were looking for a way to stay on top of their social media presence. The demands of managing the retail and rental segments of the business left little time to update social media accounts and respond to customer queries online. Kinney Bros. & Keele partnered with NMR to develop a strategy to manage social media accounts, build and update their rental catalog, and increase their local Google search rankings. NMR removed the burden of maintaining social media accounts and in doing so drove business to the store through an increased online presence.

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