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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Families whose loved ones are buried at Sunset Memorial Park can now search online for a headstone by name or location.

The portal aims to help those who are unsure of the location of their loved one’s grave and allows families to provide information to receive periodic updates.

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Located in Pearl City, the cemetery has been the subject of many complaints since the death of the owner and no one to maintain the grounds.

The graves sink into the ground almost to the point of exposing the coffins. There is no water accessible to aquatic plant visitors. The crypt has missing covers and the roof is collapsing.

Although the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA) has acknowledged that state control of the cemetery could be an option, there are concerns about costs and liability. Since the death of the owner of the cemetery, no owner has been registered.

The DCCA said it is focusing on the cemetery as a whole – it will not be able to resolve ownership issues for individual plots.

“Our goal is to ensure that anyone who may have family members buried or who has purchased a currently vacant plot in the cemetery has the opportunity to provide information regarding family members who are buried at sunset. sun or who have bought vacant plots. , and that we have a way to contact you if you want periodic updates from the DCCA regarding the cemetery,” said Catherine Awakuni Colón, director of the DCCA.

The DCAA said it hired an expert last year to survey the property and create a database documenting the GPS location of each parcel, marker and information about each marker. The portal can be available here.

Under the contract with the surveyor, this completes task 1.

Task 2 will consist of carrying out awareness-raising activities with the community:

  • Community awareness activities for six months.
  • Gather information from family members whose relatives are buried at the project site.
  • Get information on land purchased by the family that is currently vacant.
  • Information obtained during community sensitization will be compiled and entered into the central GIS database developed and delivered for this project.

According to DCCA, Task 3 will consist of creating and hosting a community virtual kiosk that will be available to community members. This is intended to increase awareness, provide access to information, encourage feedback and share survey information for the project site.

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The portal will be available to receive information until July 30, 2022.

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