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The European Commission is working on a proposal for the revision of European labor market statistics on enterprises (LMB), aiming to make the statistics more up-to-date and more comparable between countries, to improve the coverage of the economy and to ensure the collection of data on the unadjusted annual wage gap between men and women.

In this context, the Commission is carrying out a public consultation in order to gather comments from stakeholders. Between February 9, 2022 and May 4, 2022, users and producers of statistics, institutions and individual data providers are invited to participate.

The consultation will assess the extent to which existing labor market statistics on enterprises continue to provide in an effective and proportionate way the evidence needed to support decision-making on EU policies, as well as assess the most critical gaps, including new data needs and what is the potential for simplification.

The public consultation covers both the retrospective evaluation of existing European legislation and the prospective modernization options.

How to contribute?

You can contribute to this consultation by participating in our online survey, available in all official EU languages.

Organizations and companies participating in the public consultations are invited to register in the EU Transparency Register.

If you are unable to submit your response online, please contact us.

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