Have you spotted a crime? Report it online through that police department’s website

MANHATTAN (KSNT) – The Riley County Police Department has introduced a new way for citizens to conveniently report crimes.

As of Jan. 3, citizens of Riley County can now report certain crimes through their computers or phones by filling out a form on the RCPD website, according to a press release from Public Information Officer Aaron Wintermote.

“We are delighted to now offer an additional method of reporting crimes,” said Kari Breault, Case Management Supervisor. “Online reporting provides continuous and efficient service to residents of Riley County. “

The RCPD indicates that the traditional services of in-person agents will not be affected by the new reporting method. Officers will always respond to crime scenes requiring the collection of evidence, emergencies, and any other matter where police officers are physically required.

To use the new reporting feature, you must have a valid email address and Internet access. If the incident involves firearms, weapons, hazardous materials, threats to public safety, drugs, stolen vehicles, or items stolen from vehicles, he should be called to speak to an officer.

The following crimes can be reported online as long as the situation is not an emergency:

  • Criminal damage to property (less than $ 1,000)
  • Criminal damage to a vehicle (less than $ 1,000)
  • Identity theft
  • Theft (not theft of a vehicle or vehicle)

For more information on reporting crime online with the RCPD, go to www.RileyCountyPolice.org/report and click the “Report Crime Online” button.

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