Hattiesburg Convention Commission redesigns new websites for its attractions

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) – The Hattiesburg Convention Commission, which oversees 10 attractions and projects within the Hattiesburg community, has redesigned the websites associated with these projects.

Rick Taylor, the commission’s executive director, said there was a need to provide information more effectively to the public with the current growth in projects and facilities.

Taylor says the goal of this overhaul is for the public to be able to go online and get the information they need as soon as possible.

“Every website is very different,” Taylor said. “What we’re describing, say on the African American Military Museum website, is reaching a specific market and there’s certain information and details that the market wants, and it’s very different from the Hattiesburg Zoo.”

“We’ve gotten sales, we’ve had birthday parties on the zoo’s website, and the ease with which our guests can get information or take action on an activity they want is really key,”

Taylor says another reason behind the redesign is that kids sometimes use the websites, such as the Zoo or African American Military Museum site, to research school projects.

The Hattiesburg Pocket Museum website is currently under construction and will be unveiled this summer.

For a list of updated sites, click HERE.

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