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The CGM business is changing faster than expected a few years ago. There are faster approvals by the US FDA and CE marks and regulatory authorities in other parts of the world. Approvals are coming not only for CGM devices, but also for additional developments such as iCGM, use of third-party web APIs, and integrated therapies for diabetes-related diseases.

The next part of product developments will be to develop better form factor, better hardware and software, better connectivity and use of web APIs, real-time data transfer and analysis, and better user interfaces.

There will be an expansion of the market in terms of targeting type 1 and type 2 patients with intensive insulin therapy (IIT). Expanding reimbursement coverage, adding products at different price points, adding e-commerce networks and pharmacies will be some of the major strategic growth points through 2025.

Increasing manufacturing capacity close to market will now be a priority. Identifying sources of raw materials, technical personnel and sales personnel in the target regions will be a key requirement.

All current CGM manufacturers are focusing more on the US and European markets, but in the future the focus will shift to other markets, which will expand the scope and scale of the CGM business.

CGM devices require precision and the highest level of data accuracy.

Achieving the level of glucose measurement accuracy acceptable to European and US regulatory authorities is a key milestone for CGMs. Recent approvals for integrated CGMs and third-party web APIs have reinforced stakeholder confidence in self-monitored diabetes care innovations and technologies.

Embedded CGMs can add other third-party devices that use dedicated readers or smartphone apps to transfer data to web APIs. This will lead to building a better glucose delivery mechanism for patients. Which, in turn, will help reduce deaths or complications caused by irregularities in diabetes management. This will become a driving force for CGM sales worldwide and a reason to obtain insurance coverage.

This report, “Continuous Glucose Monitoring Market 2025 Scope and Opportunities,” focuses on ongoing developments in CGM devices, web APIs, and integrated product management for comprehensive diabetes care treatment and management. .

This report provides essential data on the updated number of diabetes patients worldwide, especially those requiring chronic glucose administration. It helps in planning a target customer base for marketing strategies, regional tactics, and other crucial marketing activities.

The nature of this report is exploratory. This means it provides insights for marketing teams, product development teams, investors, owners, CEOs and other key decision makers to look inside the business with an eagle eye. . It is a process to gain insight into critical business issues and clarify market realities.

This research includes a great deal of data mining from secondary resources such as company financial reports, research papers, patents, social media posts and commentaries. It also includes informal discussions with key business experts, business decision makers and other industry stakeholders. This critical information is then filtered, transformed into information and compiled in this report.

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  • The approach to diabetes care is changing

  • Doctors appreciate CGMs

  • Doctors see challenges

  • Patients and caregivers give mixed reactions

  • What’s new in CGM?

  • Non-invasive CGM (NICGM)

  • Integrated CGM Systems (iCGM)

  • Analysis in this report

World Diabetes Patient Statistics

  • Global prevalence of diabetes

  • Total addressable markets

  • Number of diabetic patients by region 2021

  • Number of patients with type 1 diabetes by region 2021

  • Number of type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents by region 2021

  • Number of type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents in key countries 2021

  • New cases of children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes per year by region

  • Diabetes statistics to 2025

CGM market in 2021

CGM Markets 2022 – 2025

  • Role of a diabetes web API in CGM sales from 2022

  • Planning glucose administration

  • Analysis of diabetes data

  • Closed loop hybrid system

  • What will CGM’s major transformation be between now and 2025?

  • Benefits for existing CGM device companies

  • Exclusive sensor technology

  • Evidence, Clinical Data and Authority Approvals

  • Strong market leads and brand value

  • Projected market for CGM aircraft in 2022

  • Market Projections for CGM Devices by Volume to 2025

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