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North Carolina, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Magic PR, a leading press release distribution and SEO link building service, announces its new image SEO service guaranteed to improve your websites rankings on Google, drive quality organic traffic and, above all, to crown you the king of image SEO over your competitors.

A study by New York-based agency We Are Social and social media company Hootsuite found that the average Internet user spends more than 6 hours a day on the Internet.

So, there’s your audience, but how do you carve up pages of content to attract them to your website?

Thanks to the constant flow of varied content produced on social media, the days of websites relying on long bodies of text for marketing are over. Today’s audience needs that one hook to stop their scrolling and wrap around.

That’s why creating eye-catching and clickable content makes you an image SEO king (

How to Reign Supreme Using Image SEO

If you run an e-commerce, celebrity news, or photo website, the use of image SEO is extremely important. As it not only increases the viability of your websites on social media and Google, but the images are perfectly optimized to appeal to an audience reading at home on their phone or laptop screen.

Magic PR uses its expertise to maximize your online presence with its new image SEO service, to give your website authority, relevance and trust, which ensures an increase in your online traffic.

For the referencing of your image to reach its highest potential, Magic PR targets:

  • The popularity of images – This is important for search engines because if they see an image being used frequently (think how many times you’ve seen Johnny Depp or Amber Heards face off in the last week) then it will rank well. Magic PR will integrate your images with other similar websites that are already trending, to give you that edge.
  • Authority – Magic PR works to provide your website with access to media and influential media such as Apple Networks, Bing and Google News, while helping you determine the best place for your image.
  • Credit – to grow your audience, especially in niche or difficult areas, Magic PR will ensure that wherever your images are used, links are also created and people are redirected to your website.

So why settle for inferior service when Magic PR’s expertise can make you an image SEO king?

More information

Magic PR also offers a specialized press release distribution service and a proprietary SEO process that uses link building on Amazon, Bing, and Google Cloud that guarantees results.

To learn more about how to become an image SEO king, please visit the website at

Image SEO King: Get The Royal Treatment with Magic PR’s New Image Service


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