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In the last three months leading up to the 2021 survey on ICT use in households and by individuals, one in two EU citizens (55%) aged 16-74 said they had searched online health information regarding injuries, illnesses, nutrition, improving health or the like.

Source dataset: isoc_ci_ac_i

The proportion of people seeking health information online for private purposes varied across Member States. In 2021, the highest share was recorded in Finland, where 80% of people aged 16-74 researched health-related topics online in the last three months before the survey, followed by by the Netherlands (77%), Denmark (75%) and Cyprus (74%).

In contrast, the lowest shares were observed in Bulgaria (36%) and Romania (40%), followed by Germany (45%) and Poland (47%).

Cyprus records the highest increase in online health information searches

Over the past decade, the share of people seeking health information online has increased in almost all EU Member States, with an increase of 17pp in the EU compared to 2011 (38%) . The largest increases in the number of people searching for health information online were recorded in Cyprus (+46 pp), followed by Czechia (+33 pp), Malta (+32 pp) and Spain ( +31pp).

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