Easy Furniture Web Tip #329: Know Your Website Login Information

Furniture World News Bureau on 06/14/2022

Local customers and small business owners sometimes don’t want to be disturbed without knowing anything about their websites.

They outsource their website tasks and that’s great. I make a good living with it.

But over the years I found people who came to me asking for help with their websites, but had no idea how to access it. The web developer moved to Nepal or the nephew who built the site, nice as he was, collapsed.

Depending on your platform, it’s not always easy for me or someone else to retrieve the login information. Sometimes I to abandon and just recommend a whole new site.

I understand that I don’t want to take care of anything else, but at least know your login information. Otherwise it’s like having a brick and mortar storefront but not knowing where the keys to the doors are and there’s no locksmith to save you.

Personally, I like having my personal passwords on cards in a old style index file. Yes me too store them digitally, but I just don’t trust an all-digital system. Heck, guys have lost hundreds of millions with digital wallets.

Easy Furniture 329 web tip: Take the time to know and save your login credentials for your website.

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