Door County’s Most Dangerous Intersections

Gordon Road/County BB and Highway 42/57 are eighth on the list

Much attention has been paid to traffic safety issues at the intersection of Gordon Road / County BB and Highway 42/57 in the city of Sevastopol, where the Culver restaurant is located.

There’s a good reason for that, said Mason Simmons, a traffic safety engineer with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Public complaints about the intersection are regularly filed with Door County, the City of Sturgeon Bay, the City of Sevastopol – and Simmons himself.

“It helps,” he said. “There are thousands of crossroads. At the same time, we must follow state and federal guidelines. There is not a lot of money. We ensure that we prioritize these funds appropriately.

It’s Simmons’ job to constantly watch all the roads in Wisconsin. One of the tools he uses to do this is the Safety Certification Worksheet Fact Sheet, which assesses the safety levels of traffic problem areas. The sheet calculates numbers based on criteria such as road type, speed limit, crashes, injury rates, OWIs (drinking and driving) and other factors.

The latest sheet, updated on July 6 and shared with the Pulse Peninsula, shows 24 intersections in Door County that are considered hotspots. They range from 0.15 at the lower end at the most dangerous intersection to 5.82.

The first two — 5.82 for Highway 57 and Stone Road, and 5.06 for Highway 57 and County H, both in Southern Door — have been approved for federal safety funds to fund improvements. These two roads also rank in the top 5% of most dangerous intersections in the state and are the only two intersections in Door County to make this statewide list.

Improvements at these two intersections are currently in the design phase and could cost between $1 million and $2 million per intersection. These would not be scheduled for construction until 2025 or 2026, and a public participation phase would be part of the process.

On this safety certification worksheet for Door County, the intersection of Gordon Road/County BB and Highway 42/57 has a rating of 0.086 — or the eighth most dangerous in the county.

“When we ask for federal funds, they ask, ‘Why do you need this money?'” Simmons said. “It’s number eight on the list. What do you do for numbers one through seven? »

Still, Simmons said getting funding for a repair at the intersection isn’t impossible.

“I’m working on justifications for this,” he said.

In addition to the first two, intersections that are rated higher or more dangerous than Gordon Road/County BB and Highway 42/57 are Highway 57 and South Cloverleaf Road (3.39), Highway 42 and County T (2.04) , Highway 42 and County I (1.39), Highway 57 and County Q (1.12), and Highway 42/57 and County MM (0.86, same as Gordon Road/County BB and Highway 42/57).

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