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PHILADEPHIA, PA /ACCESSWIRE/March 21, 2022/ Computer Recycling maintains a helpful website that can help businesses across the United States properly dispose of their obsolete electronic equipment.

Businesses that need to recycle their devices can easily request a free quote on the website or by calling (877) 752-5455. A simple consultation with their friendly staff can help you find a cost-effective and environmentally friendly method for recycling computers and electronics.

Why recycle old IT equipment?

There are many good reasons to recycle old computer hardware. Chief among them: When obsolete computers and other electronic devices are placed in a landfill, they can contaminate soil and waterways. This is because they contain harmful substances (including lead and mercury) that are known to cause environmental damage as well as countless health issues (affecting the digestive and nervous systems) for humans and wildlife.

Additionally, there are many recyclable materials in old computers and electronics, from gold and copper to glass and plastic. Electronics can be broken down into their component parts and recyclable materials can be removed, preparing them to be part of new machines. Recycling computers has two notable benefits: reducing the need to extract new resources helps the environment, and reusing metal, plastic, and glass from old devices helps stabilize the cost of new ones.

Finally, improper disposal of your devices leaves them vulnerable to data sanitization. Computer hard drives contain treasure troves of sensitive customer and employee data as well as classified company information. The only way to be truly confident that your information won’t end up in the wrong hands is to work with Computer Recycling’s data security specialists, who have honed their technique for more than 20 years. Performing standard US Department of Defense (DOD) wipes or physical destruction of all drives ensures that no sensitive information ever leaves their facility.

Offered services

The Computer Recycling website details its range of services. It offers many convenient options for recycling your obsolete electronics. Drop-off container programs are great for businesses that recycle tons of materials each year, while live load pickups are great for businesses that need to get their equipment moved quickly.

Today, there are many options for recycling electronic devices. At a time when environmental and information security concerns are paramount, experience matters. And you can’t go wrong partnering with a company like Computer Recycling, which has been around for as long as the internet has been a part of our lives.

Find more information

In addition to its official website, more information about the company and its many services can be found on its helpful YouTube channel.

About Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling provides safe and responsible computer and electronics recycling services to businesses, organizations, schools, municipalities and counties nationwide. Whether you only have a few machines to recycle or need to upgrade your entire system, they can work with you to create a viable e-waste recycling plan.

Contact information:

Cheryl Thompson
Spokesperson, Computer Recycling
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: (877) 752-5455

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