Complicated pandemic of state migration patterns in 2021 | Local

U-Haul said the main areas for immigration trafficking were the Triangle and Wilmington. He ranked Kernersville and Winston-Salem in the top 10 “other notable net gain cities”.

The top five immigration states for U-Haul were Texas, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Arizona.

Chuck Watson, president of U-Haul Co. of Raleigh, said in a statement that “because North Carolina’s workforce is so technological, many companies have allowed their employees to work from home,” including out of state.

“The other part is that North Carolina still gives people some freedom of movement. There are restrictions and everyone is careful, but people can still work. Its an asset.

United Van Lines

United Van Lines ranked North Carolina 13th for 2021 for inbound customer movements, down from 6th. This was United’s 45th annual migration report.

North Carolina’s migration pattern was 59% in and 41% out of 10,318 movements in 2021.

The top five percentages of United’s inbound movements were Vermont (74% admissions), South Dakota, South Carolina, West Virginia and Florida.

Regarding North Carolina, United said that “the pandemic continued to influence Americans’ decisions to relocate as they moved to low density areas and wished to be closer to their families.”

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