CM Bommai launches website providing information on central and state government programs

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Friday launched a website providing information on the Center’s and state government programs, calling it a communication bridge between the people and the government. “It should work as a communication bridge between the people and the government,” Bommai said at the launch.

Speaking after the virtual publication of a book on skills development, self-employment and job registration in Mysuru and the launch of a website providing details of central and state government programs, the Chief Minister said the website would enable people to get detailed information about government programs, their purpose and usefulness. “Providing public welfare programs to all sections of society under one roof is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s long-term vision. The new book contains guidelines for enjoying the programs. The book would work as an encyclopedia in taking state government welfare programs to the people. It would be a good guide for administrators and people,” Bommai added.

Bommai praised the efforts of MLA SA Ramdas who released the book with the noble aim of raising awareness about various government programs. (ANI)

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