Banking trends have changed around the world amid the pandemic, with a huge percentage of people favoring app-based or website-based banking / Digital Information World

The world before 2019 was very different from the way people live in the midst of the pandemic. With the world trying to fight a deadly virus that arrived so suddenly we weren’t equipped for it, lockdowns were put in place. People barely came out for fear of contracting the disease and as a result everything moved online, to the grocery store, to clothing shopping and even to the bank.

While banking and shopping were two ways that could also be done online before the pandemic, it was not a very common practice. However, between the pandemic and the digital banking takeover, people have gotten used to the idea and are liking it in the post-pandemic world as well.

YouGov, therefore led a survey, and asked consumers in 17 international markets how they prefer their payment methods. In the global survey, 43% of consumers globally said they preferred online banking apps, 26% preferred online websites, and only 20%, representing one in five global users, wanted a visit. in-person banking to resolve their banking problems and tasks.

In countries like Mexico (57), Indonesia (55) and Great Britain (52), people were more accustomed to app-based banking, respectively 8, 6 and 26% in the following countries preferred website-based banking services. While fewer people preferred website online banking in the following countries, what came as a shock was that more users compared to the online banking experience preferred the banking experience with a ratio of 22, 29 and 16 in the countries mentioned above respectively.

The United States, Hong Kong, and Germany showed fewer people interested in banking apps, with the percentage chart only rising to 34, 34, and 24 percent respectively in the above-mentioned regions and people in these countries wanted more other means, for example, in the United States 30%. , in Hong Kong, 29% and 44% in Germany preferred website banking, and 24%, 21% and 14%, respectively, of people in these three countries preferred a banking experience.

Other countries like Australia, India, France, Spain, UAE, Denmark, Poland, etc. had their own preferences, all categories almost collided with each other.

Although people’s preferences are important in these areas, their preferences are largely based on the governance system of countries and the quality of the category provided by their bank. For example, if a bank has a simpler app system compared to a website that crashes most of the time, users will obviously be using the app version.

However, we should not overlook the fact that many users apparently converted to online banking during the pandemic and the virus has changed a lot of things in our lives, and one of them just happens to be banking. .

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