A traffic cop sweeps the road to make sure motorists don’t skid on loose gravel and receives applause online

Managing traffic on a busy road comes with many challenges, and it doesn’t always have to do with people obeying (or not) obeying traffic rules. Now, in a video that has gone viral, a traffic cop has been seen sweeping the road.

Armed with a broom, a traffic cop was seen sweeping gravel from the road to keep motorists safe. Loose gravel on the street can be a nightmare for commuters, especially those on two wheels. This leads to a risk of tire punctures and vehicles skidding off the road. So instead of waiting for someone else to do the job, the cop was seen getting his hands dirty to keep people safe.

In a short clip shared on Twitter by IAS agent Awanish Sharan, vehicles are seen waiting for a signal as the cop personally carefully removes scattered gravel from commuters’ paths. As he assiduously continues to sweep, another volunteer stands behind him to make sure the vehicles get around the cop on the busy road without hurting him.

“Respect for you,” Sharan wrote in the caption praising the constable.

Watch the video here:

Although the origin of the undated remains unclear, social media users have pointed out that it may be from Tamil Nadu upon seeing scriptures on the school bus seen in the background.

Many on social media praised the traffic police for going above and beyond their duty to ensure everyone was safe, highlighting how risky the strewn stones could be.

In 2020, in a similar incident, a traffic cop in Odisha went viral for sweeping the streets spotting gravel. After his video went viral, he was also later facilitated by senior police officials for the impromptu actions.

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Time and again, cops have earned praise for handling traffic in the scorching sun or standing in knee-deep water to guide commuters or provide shelter for stray dogs during heavy downpours.

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