7 great websites to find statistics

Analyzing data can help you discover information and see things from a new perspective. Statistics also add credibility to your opinion. But finding the statistics that are relevant to your topic can be tricky and time consuming.

To help you find statistics quickly, this article lists seven trusted sources for accessing up-to-date statistics on various topics.

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From oil prices in 1960 to the most played PC games, you can find stats on everything that is happening under the sun on Statista. Its large database contains statistics covering more than 170 industries and 150 countries.

Statista does not do the research itself, but lets its data partners publish statistics on its platform. Besides statistics, it also publishes forecasts, infographics, surveys, briefs, market outlook and reports. Reputable studies and reports are often linked to Statista.

To find the most suitable results, you can sort the results by relevance and preferred location. Statista allows you to download the data in various formats including XLS and PPT. You can directly quote the statistics, adjust the data points of the graphs and print the information.

Although Statista offers a free plan, it only gives you access to limited data. So if you really want to get reliable and up-to-date facts and figures, it is worth signing up for the paid plan.

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Gallup is a Washington-based analytics company that collects information itself. It then publishes insights in the form of articles and podcasts.

It conducts surveys and publishes public opinion data covering more than 160 countries. From politics and business to society and education, Gallup provides first-hand statistics on a wide range of topics.

The Gallup Blog breaks down the raw data into easy-to-digest articles that you can cite and share. In its podcast, Gallup invites thought leaders from different industries to share their opinions. With Gallup Vault, you can learn about public opinion at crucial historical events.

A significant amount of data on Gallup’s website is free and publicly available. But you will need to subscribe to Gallup Analytics to access the datasets for analysis and comparison.

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Pew Research is a widely known and trusted data platform that describes itself as a reservoir of non-partisan facts. Like Gallup, Pew Research conducts polls and surveys and publishes first-hand information. While it primarily focuses on politics, demographics, trends, and social issues, you can find statistics on other topics as well.

The Pew Research website offers several tools and resources for finding and analyzing data. It allows you to download datasets from its surveys for secondary analysis. With its poll question search feature, you can find the results of various public polls conducted since 1989. Additionally, you can read short factual articles on various topics on the Short Reads page.

For publications and the press, Pew Research is the go-to source for data and statistics.

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Developed for transparency, Data.gov is a US federal government project that publishes open data. As part of this project, federal agencies are making their data publicly available, keeping privacy and security in mind, of course.

Since this is a government website, you can find statistics on demographics, economy, social issues, and development indicators. Data.gov has several data tools that allow you to evaluate and analyze statistics. In addition, there are resources for skill development, case studies and data competitions.

To find statistics, enter the keyword in the search bar to search for its data catalog. You can then filter the results based on location (in US), tags, format, dataset types, publishers, offices, etc.

If you are looking for the latest information, order the results by date added.

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The UN has its own statistical division which collects information from multiple sources and makes it available to the public. Its objective is to publish the demographic data of its member countries. On the website you can find statistics on the economy, environment, sustainable development goals and social issues.

In addition to publishing data, the United Nations Statistics Division sets standards for statistical activities and helps its members improve their statistical services.

You can also visit the UN Data website to search for statistics in 32 databases and 60 million records. Its advanced search tool allows you to discover statistics for specific countries, regions, dates and topics.

Perhaps the most reliable source for vital statistics is the United Nations Statistics Division.

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Google’s Public Data Explorer does exactly what it says on the box: lets you explore publicly available information. It compiles statistics from various sources including World Bank, University of Denver, US Census Bureau, etc.

The tool gives you the option to choose between metrics and data sets. Plus, the best part of Public Data Explorer is that it lets you create data visualizations in the form of interactive line, bar, bubble, and map charts. You can also upload your dataset to this tool to create visualizations.

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If you can’t find the relevant statistics here, you can also use Google Dataset Search. It works the same as a regular Google search, but the results include statistics only. A single search displays statistics from multiple sources, including those described above. This way, you don’t have to search each website individually.

Since Google is the biggest search engine, you can expect the data to be up-to-date and reliable.

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Knoema is a compelling open data platform for data discovery, management and visualization. It collects statistics from hundreds of reliable sources, mainly government agencies, United Nations departments and NGOs.

Knoema covers politics, economy, transport, education, crime, energy, environment, demography, etc. You can also find country rankings based on different indicators, such as GDP per capita.

In addition to raw data, Knoema publishes data visualizations and articles on its Insights blog. On the DataBulletin page, you can find complete datasets for further analysis.

Knoema offers three plans: free, professional and business. In most cases, the free plan will suffice as it allows you to access a massive database through smart search tools.

Convert data into digestible form

With these websites, you can quickly find statistics on any topic and back up your opinion with facts. While hard data is useful for research and analysis, it is difficult for most people to understand.

Therefore, if you want to use statistics in presentations, articles or reports, it is always a good idea to visualize your data so that it is easier to understand.

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